The Return of the King Coffee Lover

Hello again, and happy holidays.

After a time of inactivity, I decided that it was best to regroup, plow through the projects I had at work and at home, and come back to this blog fresh. None of the old content is here – it’s still archived away, but not imported across. I also was tired of the old layout, that was a little too busy for my taste. So, welcome to the new coffee corner – a new layout and now powered by WordPress. (Mad props to Matt for taking half an idea in my head and making it into an XHTML-compliant template.) This is still an evolving design, so comments or suggestions are always welcome. The link list, as well, is far from complete – let me know if I’ve missed anybody, as I’ll be revamping the list.

So, just what has been going on? I’ve been busy with a few projects at work, including some R&D prototyping work that’s kept me busy but lower stress. Thanksgiving was a blast – Mom and Dad came to visit, and we had a big dinner with Christine, Jason, her parents, and my parents. Everybody met everybody and all had a good time. December has been such a blur of trying to keep up with work, setting up and refining my PVR (personal video recorder) setup at home, odds and ends of half-finished projects, and getting ready for the holidays. I’m not going home for the first time – I decided that I’d traveled enough during the year, saw Mom and Dad at Thanksgiving, and have earned a rest at home.

With the holidays upon us, I’m also beginning to think about goals for next year. I’ve not yet had real targets set for a year before now, but they’re beginning to take shape for me. For example, I’d like to be in a house by the end of the year. My apartment was once a great location – nice layout and five minutes from work. Now, it’s forty-five minutes from work, forty minutes from Christine’s, and the net result is that I’m rarely there and don’t keep up with it as much. I may as well be putting money towards equity as well. All this means I need to put together a plan and go through with it. I’d also like to spend more time working on my cooking this year, and focusing on ways to really improve on it. I love to spend time in the kitchen, don’t make enough time for it, and when you get right down to it, there are plenty of ways to learn more. I’ve taken to reading cookbooks cover to cover in the past (Nigel Slater’s Appetite is an awesome example), and can continue to do so – I just need to practice what I learn. (Put the two of those together, and you could have some really great dinner parties at the new house. See how it all fits together?)

With a week and change left to go, I’d have to say that 2003 was … interesting. Just like that, pause and all. It wasn’t a bad year, but it wasn’t a great one either. I’m hoping for an upswing in 2004, and I have a sense that I can make that happen.

What are your goals for 2004?