Alive in Austin

Yes, I’m still alive. Christine and I have been incredibly busy preparing to close on our house soon, and getting ready for her to move in. Meanwhile, work has become steadily busy – I’ve come full circle around back to the same systems I was working when I started with the company.

Tonight, however, was a night off of sorts. This year, Christine and I couldn’t go to SXSW Interactive because of the house closing. However, with that many people travelling nearby, we decided to take a night off and drive up to Austin to see folks. I’m not sure about the dynamics, but it does seem that attendance was down a little bit this year from last year. Still, it was good to see the folks again and catch up on what’s changed from last year.

Meanwhile, there is a more thoughtful post bouncing around in my head about offshoring and its impacts, but that’ll take some time and focus to sit down and write.