The Day After

The house closing went very smoothly. Took about an hour and a half to sign the papers and another hour and a half to verify my employment (company hotline was down and *everybody* I could think of was out of the ofice), but we now have a house. Well, technically, the bank has a house and we have a big pile o’ debt, but let me dream a little.

We also bought appliances yesterday, a washer, a dryer (both Maytag), and a refrigerator (Whirlpool). All good items that we’re both happy with, and I’m ever greatful that Christine signed us up for Best Buy rewards points. (Basically, if you haven’t seen this, they give you a store credit of like $1 for every $10 or $20 spent or something like that.)

The rest of the week is going to be crazy – utilities are being turned on over the course of the week, and Christine has movers coming later in the week, so we’re boxing like mad. I might manage to fill a box or two from my apartment next week, but I’ve got a few months to excavate bomb demolish pack my apartment.