push ebp
mov ebp, esp
add esp, -40

It’s time for a new start. The code in the title of this post is x86 assembly code used to start a new function (and, in this case, allocate 64 bytes of stack space for local variables).

What’s new? Far too much to go into detail now, so here are the highlights.

  • I passed my CISSP exam, and am now certified.
  • We have a dog, Chloe. She’s a bichon frise. Adorable when she’s not afraid of me.
  • We almost had kittens, but they seem to have moved on. I was called Dr. Doolittle at work for a couple of weeks.
  • Went home to Kentucky for a week in June. Fabulous time, good to get back there and chill with family and friends.
  • We’ve also made short trips to New Orleans (business trip for me, Christine and Jason came along) and the Frio river (brr!).
  • Jason’s back in school, just starting 8th grade. Christine will be back in school starting next week. [I’m married to a coed.]
  • I’m up to my eyes in work work, home work, yet still find time to catch up on old episodes of CSI. Life is approaching a good balance.

In extremely short summary, that’s what’s been going on. I’ll be working on getting this blog back online as well. I want to keep the Buddha image, but the design wasn’t something I was happy with at the moment. Ideas are welcome.