Opera is free!

Still getting some of the home computing resources back into place after Operation: Nachos (the escape from Rita). The Linux server, drteeth, is in place but not powered on – haven’t put time into working on any of the projects on that machine yet. The Windows PC, floyd, is limping along. The CPU cooling fan failed shortly before the hurricane, so at the moment, the system case is opened and is ghetto-cooled by a desk fan.

In other news, Opera is free. Opera was one of the early “alternative” browsers, dating back to the Netscape/MSIE fights. It has some nice eye candy, but the feature I’m enjoying most now is the voice feature. It provides text-to-speech capabilities, which means I can have my browser reading web pages to me while I’m following up on emails. It also allows for voice control of the browser, but I don’t have a headset for the laptop yet.

Almost done with the setup of WiKID – have put all the components in place, now just need to do some last configuration. Christine has her first round of exams this week, so I’ve put some of that on hold.

In other news, I’ve been cooking in earnest again. We made some great dips and such for Christine’s birthday party last weekend, and I’ve made some outstanding vegetable soup and sausages en papillote this week. I love my kitchen.