Security for Kids and Free Secure Backup

First off, in the slightly bizarre category, I offer up “America’s CryptoKids(tm): Future Codemakers & Codebreakers” @  How… unexpected.  I’m not entirely sure what it is I have to say about this – it just sticks out as odd in my mind.  Crypto by its deeply mathematical nature is hard to make accessible.  Dressing it up with cartoon character and glossing over a LOT of details is maybe a good way to educate kids or novices, so perhaps it does succeed in its mission.  However, you can tell at times that it was a PR attempt created by a few mathematicians who may not get enough sunlight – such as the hearing impaired turtle who believes the internet is “kewl”.  It’s a new twist on Alice and Bob.

In perhaps a more serious vein, Mozy is an online backup storage site.  Encrypted in transit and encrypted at rest on their servers, this is one way to make backup of critical data easier, I suspect.  All for the low price of allowing yourself to get some spam and having a limited number of restorations allowed in a given time frame.  I need to spend more time with it to see if I trust the service with, say, financial documents, but it’d be nice to have offline managed storage of some of Christine‘s photography.

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