So much to say….

Today has been Christmas day. Rather, Christmas lights day. I spent the afternoon outside untangling strands of lights, hanging strands, rehanging (%$#^ plug end goes on the OTHER side of the yard…) the strands, re-rehanging the strands (whadya mean I hung them too low?), and searching for the burnt out bulbs among far too many sections of lights. The back yard is now cozily lit (if dim in a couple of spots), and if the front yard looks like it came down with mange, well, I did my best. We’ll have it fixed by Christmas.

In other news:

  • Teachef, from Adagio Teas, is a community site dedicated to cooking with teas. Each month, they offer up samples of a particular variety of tea, and whomever gets to spend the rest of the month coming up with the best recipe to showcase that tea. I’ve just signed up to work with Lapsang Souchong in January, so this should be quite interesting to follow.
  • NIST Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures – put this one in the “Gee, wish I’d studied computer science” category. Lots of concepts here that I wish I knew more about, and if I read between the lines enough I might get to learn them. If anybody has a recommendation like Graph Theory For Dummies or Dick And Jane Learn Stasticial Modelling, please pass it along.
  • The wood-fired oven idea is not dead. I’ve requested a copy of Denzer’s book (linked a few posts below) from the local public library, so I can see it before I decide if this is beyond my skill or not. It’s been suggested that if I want to spend time building an outdoor oven, I should probably also look at screening in our back porch. If anybody has a recommendation like Building Wood Frames For Dummies or Dick And Jane Use A Nail Gun….
  • Dating an Apple Developer. Something that should be required reading if you ever find yourself in a relationship with a code monkey. Fortunately, Christine is quite understanding.
  • An interview with the Hairy Bikers. If anybody out there in blogland UK can record this for me, I’d be extremely grateful. Food television that sounds like it should not be missed. (Tip of the hat to Geoff)
  • Transferring MPEG2 files back to the TiVo; more of a mental note to myself than anything else.

That about covers it. Work has been extremely busy, not the usual end-of-year slowdown, mainly because I’m covering for two roles that each want 75% of my time. I am still cooking when I can – I make a pretty mean buttermilk scone, and I enjoyed my crepes last week, not to mention a fabulous roast chicken – and getting into the holiday spirit. For everybody who has asked, I do have a skeleton of a Christmas list if it’s still needed – send me an email and I’ll send it out.