Postcards from The Edge Hague

I’m back in The Hague this week for a security workshop – only two weeks after my last trip.  I’m becoming increasingly comfortable with the city – I was able to give basic getting-around information to a couple of folks with the State of Louisiana that were on the train from the airport with me – so it was a pretty uneventful trip over.  I did manage to fight off jet lag enough to see the World Cup finals.  It wasn’t exactly stellar play, but it was a decent match until the overtime.  I hope that FIFA changes its policies to allow additional substitutions or something for overtime.  Once you’ve played 90 minutes on the field, your team just doesn’t have energy left.  It really makes for dull play.  (Well, until you put your bald head into the Italian’s sternum.)

Also, I wanted to tip folks off to the IM client of choice I use these days.  Meebo is a great startup that provides web-based access to all of the major IM networks, and includes some nice usability features.  I’ve used it for a long time now, and the big draw for me is that I can access it easily from anywhere.  Check it out.