Only in America, sad to say

I suppose it was bound to happen, sooner or later. With a name like Season Shot, you might expect to find something innocent like a new dried seasoning mix to compete with the likes of Lowry’s and Mrs. Dash. But you’d be wrong.

Two words: Edible buckshot.

See, these two guys decided to tackle one of the key difficulties of hunting, namely removing the metal shot from the bird (or other animal) so you and your guests don’t end up biting down on a little metal shot. Their solution – and I’m a bit fuzzy on the details – is to form various seasonings like Garlic, Teriyaki, or Lemon Pepper into small pellets and load them into shotgun shells. That way, the seasonings melt and infuse the meat with flavor.

The jury remains out on this one. You be the judge.