Champagne: 2/3 empty

A glimpse into my mind. While standing in the kitchen wrapping presents a few minutes ago when it struck me like a ton of bricks – Bette Midler had it all wrong. Well, not *all* wrong – I agree with her sentiment, but she got it backwards. Consider: “From a distance / you look like my friend / even though we are at war.” The problem with that is, from a distance, they DO look like the enemy. It’s not unitl you get up close and personal and look them in their eyes that you realise that they are so much like you, so human, and not the enemy. There was a poem I read in high school, either Revolutionary War or American Civil War, where the poet described being a soldier in the war and the feelings he felt when he saw their faces, saw them up close and personal. It kills me that I can’t find a link to this poem – I can see the page in my freshman year honors english textbook (it had a painting on the top 2/3 of the page, poem ran for about four pages) from fifteen years ago but I cannot remember what it was called.

This is why I don’t often open bottles of wine alone.

UPDATE (next day, champagne gone, head slightly throbbing) English teachers are good people to know. I wrote my high school freshman honors english teacher and gave her even less of a description to go on. Brilliant lady that she is, it was Walt Whitman’s Song of Myself. And I would have done it sophomore year in American Lit, which was my second guess, but I remembered the textbook being black instead of red. Oops.