Spring is in the air, ah-choo!

Back from SxSW Interactive. Much, much, much fun and good times were had by all. There should be some form of obligatory wrap-up post here, but there’s not yet. I’ll be typing up my panel notes, so you’ll see those soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to give you, gentle reader, another glimpse into my thought processes. I hopped into my car yesterday to go pick up our cat from the vet. Spring is here in full force, and I had driven home in the greenish-yellow haze of pollen fog (eew! trees are having sex all over me!) earlier in the day. When I got in the car, I realised I could see all the pollen floating in the air. By the time I’d driven to the end of the block, I could see none of it.

Where did the pollen go? On the one hand, when you drive you don’t have a feeling of breezing through the air in the car, and air does have some (albeit low) density, so it must accelerate with the car and move at the same speed. On the other hand, however, the pollen suspended in the fluid air has no rigid tie to the car’s center of mass and thus will tend to remain where it is and not move about with the car – except for as much as the fluid air suspending the pollen will move and carry it along.

I figure the pollen is now plastered all over the back windshield of my car.