So close, it makes my teeth hurt….

I was going to wait to blog about this until I actually had it in my hands, but alas, that won’t be until tomorrow. (Or Wednesday, if UPS screws up.)

Recently, Jason went over to stay with his grandparents for the night and took our copy of Guitar Hero II with him. He then came home and declared that he wanted to learn to play an electric guitar. He hasn’t played an instrument before, although over the past year he listens to music much more often. I explained to him that playing a real guitar was very, very different from playing the guitar controller with five fret buttons, which he already has figured out, and waited to see if his interest would hold. Once he’s got his mind set to do something he usually follows it through. Also, I’m happy to support this – music is a wonderful creative outlet, it’s something that he can get involved with other people and it’s not a video game.

His interest held, so Saturday he and I headed out to Guitar Center [ed. note – highly recommended] to get hands-on. He had read through every article about guitars that I had put in front of him and was genuinely learning, so we went to see if we could find a guitar that fit him. After playing through a few models, he is now the proud owner of a Fender Stratocaster, chrome red. It’s got a nice sound, and he’s definitely pumped about it.

But that’s not what this post is about.

For the last 15 years (since my high school formed a band) I’ve wanted to learn to play the bass guitar. I sing bass, I hum bass lines, I’ve always dug its growling sound and the authoritative tone. So, in conjunction with Jason’s purchase, my birthday (last Thursday – post on that coming soon), and celebrating some work changes, I decided to do something I’ve wanted to for almost half my life. I’m now the proud owner of an Ibanez GSR200.


See, I really like the bass in black. The red is okay, but not quite for me. (Besides, it’ll clash with Jason’s red guitar.) The jewel blue must be right for somebody, but looked way too cartoonish for my taste. The problem is, the location we were at had no black ones in stock. Every other Guitar Center in town had one, but ours didn’t.

It’s all working out. They sold me the bass and are having it shipped from one store across town to our relatively close location. They’ll call me when it’s arrived. It’s currently packed up and waiting for the UPS man. UPS will take it away, process it overnight (grr! it’s just across town!), and deliver it tomorrow, or Wednesday if they screw something up.

Patience is a virtue. I’ve waited fifteen years, I can wait another day.

… yeah, right.

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