Hello, Neo. I am The Architect.

Sitting in Wurtzburg, Germany in the lobby of the hotel (better wifi reception) while Christine knits on socks. Of all the souvenirs to come back home with from Germany, I’m headed home with a new pair of Birkenstocks and a new pen.

Not just any pen, mind you. The LAMY swift pen – see http://lamy.com for details, and look under rollerballs for the swift model. It’s an excellent pen, looks excellent in silver, and writes well. But there is also a story behind this pen. This is the pen used by The Architect in Matrix Reloaded, the second Matrix movie – see trivia at IMDB – in his introduction scene with Neo. I haven’t wired it up to change television channels like in the movie, but there you go.

Shortly before the movie was released, my friend the blurker and I spent a couple of hours discussing what exactly it is that I do for a living. I am an IT architect. While more abstract than my physical reality counterpart, there are a great many parallells between our professions. She, dealing primarily with the world of the physical, had a hard time wrapping her head around what I do, around what exactly I architected.

She saw the movie before I did, and later told me that she burst out laughing in the theater at a particular scene in the movie, that I would immediately recognize. True enough, that scene is when Neo meets the creator of the Matrix – the Architect. As soon as he said “I am the Architect”, I stifled my own laughter. In many ways, that is how I see my role. (The full text of the scene is here.)

So, some years later, I now own the pen used by the Architect in the Matrix series. There are two doors before you….