Maybe Waylon did teach the good ol’ boys a thing or two…

Listening to today, I pulled up a song from John Pizzarelli. From his bio page:

In addition to being a bandleader, radio personality and solo performer, John has been a special guest on recordings for major pop names such as James Taylor, Natalie Cole, Tom Wopat,…

waitaminnit. Tom Wopat. Tom Wopat?

I grew up on the Dukes of Hazzard, sure, but I wouldn’t have said Tom Wopat was a major pop name. Certainly not up there with James Taylor and Natalie Cole.

According to Wikipedia, he in fact has started a musical career. I wouldn’t say that makes him a “major” name, maybe like a D-list version of Hasslehoff. This surely is one of the four signs of the Apocalypse.
UPDATE: Apparently, he’s not half bad. That’s his voice you hear. Thanks, Ernie!