Welcome, 2009!

Sometimes, real life just gets in the way. I’ve left you all hanging in suspense about the outcome of the pizza dough for six months (answer: it was fantastic, freezes well, and I’m slowly starting to roll out round pizzas instead of odd oval/square shapes) while I tended to day job, home, and all sorts of other things that needed me.

I have recently completed a project, the Twitter Cookbook. This was a short exercise (10 days) to see how many people I could reach out to, and what sorts of new food ideas I could put together. The outcome has been fantastic – I’ve enjoyed reading everybody’s submissions, and hope to keep this going in the new year.
Go check it out at twittercookbook.net.

I’ll be back with more cooking writing this year – the cooking part comes easier than the writing part for me.

Happy Eating!