The purpose of breakfast

I’m in jury duty today, which means sitting in a big room full of strangers (“my peers”, according to our legal process). This gives me a chance to see how far I can push my iPhone’s capabilities, including a short blog post.

I left the house too early and too quickly to stop and eat breakfast today, but since I had a bit of time between my last teleconference and checking in for jury duty, I stopped for a breakfast taco and a Cuban coffee at the El Rey taqueria next to the courthouse. I sat next to a group of cadets (?) from the Univ. of Houston meeting up for a quick bite, and watched a number of other people, alone or in groups, gathering themselves for the day ahead.

My question to you is this: What is breakfast to you? Is it a social time to catch up with friends and coworkers before work? Family time to touch base before school, jobs, housework? Private time to wake up and recenter yourself before facing the day? Or is it an afterthought, a quick bagel and cup of coffee eaten in the car or at your desk?