Why does nobody cook? A cartoon triptych

I drew these up in the wake of online discussions about why “nobody cooks anymore”. A few disclaimers at the end.

 bpic1bpic3 bpic2

First, I must apologize for a simple French goof; the caption on the first picture should read, “Ceçi n’est pas un poulet”, not “une poulet”. I couldn’t cleanly edit my gaffe out of the picture. (If you don’t know, it’s a play on the most famous of Rene Magritte’s images in “The Treachery Of Images”.)

Second, I have nothing against Rachael Ray. If she’s convinced more people to go out and cook something instead of buying ready-made meals or fast food, then I’m all for it. There’s just something in her style or approach that puts my hackles up, that treats cooking like a paint-by-numbers exercise rather than promoting understanding and confidence. If you don’t understand why you do a certain step, then you’ve got nothing to go in if you deviate from those steps. And if you’ve cooked with enough recipes, you’ve learned that they’re far from foolproof.

Lastly, I mean what I say about throwing how-to dinner parties. Yes, I suppose Christine and I could host, but that’s impractical for a variety of reasons. Have cookbooks, will travel.