Necessity, the mother of invention (and breakfast for dinner!)

Ducks on a TruckStart your day with a little surrealism… Ducks on a Truck!

It’s been a long week. A loooooong week. When Friday night rolls around, and one is far too tired and out of sorts to get presentable and head out to the Geek Gathering or Tiara Happy Hour (so sorry to miss y’all!), cooking something interesting and inventive for dinner seems just out of reach. Lest you think that I eat nothing but whole grain, organic, cage free foods, I do have a soft spot for frozen pizza. (Totino’s. $1 at Wal-Mart. Throw on some shredded mozzarella to make up for their lack of cheese, and you’ve got a meal.)

Having mustered up the energy to run to Wal-Mart and pick up two pizzas for Christine and I, dinner looks to be a done deal. Except then Jason comes home from a movie with friends and hasn’t eaten anything. Nice guy parent that I am, I’ll cook him my pizza and figure out something else to eat.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. (Hm. I said it too in the post title.) However, if you take scarcity and throw in a healthy dose of sleep deprivation, creativity abounds. And thus, my dinner is born:

Tower of Pancakes!I know, right? Be still, my beating heart. I took a biscuit cutter to some leftover pancakes and cut out holes in the middle, stuffing each with scrambled eggs (cayenne pepper and basil in the eggs) and layering ham and cheese between. Topped the whole thing with the pancake centers and a last bit of scrambled egg for good measure.

Construction BeginsConstruction on the tower begins.

That was so very much what my Friday night needed to be. I’ll file that one away for the next time I need some over-the-top breakfast ideas for a group.