Mad Genius At Work

Wow. Aspic (or, “flavored gelatin” these days) has so much potential. Consider the following: An entire meal created from gelatin cubes. Mix five parts chicken gelatin cubes (chicken broth set with unflavored gelatin) and one part tarragon gelatin (plain gelatin with dried tarragon added when heating the water, then strained before it sets – not the greatest color, but the flavor is cleanly tarragon). Or, barbecue chicken – mix four parts tomato gelatin (tomato water – squeeze tomatoes and strain out the seeds – and gelatin) with one part spice gelatin (add cayenne, cumin, etc. to unflavored gelatin), then mix with chicken gelatin, et cetera.

The possibilites are endless. It would be an amazing buffet of different cubes of flavor, and everybody can mix their own. I can’t decide if it’d be better to remelt and reset the gelatin once the mixes are done, or just put together a bowl of cubes…

(There is a logical reason for this. Driving down our street, in the span of about four houses, my train of thought was: “I should have leftovers for dinner. I have a leftover pork pie, I could cut up the meat and put it on pizza … I still wish I could have gotten the aspic in the pork pie … I was talking about aspic a few weeks back, when we talked about doing a ‘Mad Men’ view-a-thon … I did manage to make tarragon gelatin … hey, I could do chicken! ooh, and barbecue sauce!” See? Perfectly reasonable.)