Pass the sugar!

Well, that was an unplanned hiatus. Irregular blogging will recommence, as I find myself having more and more to say. In the intervening time, I’ve gotten to know many more excellent people in Houston’s food scene, had more than my share of excellent meals, cooked some exciting stuff, and am even more excited about trying to get people into the kitchen to cook.

But that’s not what prompted me to come back now. I’ve been a friend of Fave for some time now, and was privileged to have met and spent some quality time with the late pug Fender. Fender was one hell of a cool lil’ dog, who passed away suddenly and has been memorialized in the outstanding web comic A Pug Named Fender. Add it to your feed readers.

As a COMPLETE surprise, Fave included me in today’s strip! I’m floored and honored to be included in the comic alongside this hip pup. That was the birthday surprise that made my week, y’all.

So, a BIG THANK YOU to Fave for the awesome artwork, to Fender for being cool, and to all my friends for showing some love on my birthday week!