Ten years ago today….

My passport expires today, two days after 9/11. I could write a whole retrospective on where I was on the day (in a meeting in London) or how it impacted me (Mom had come to visit, stayed a couple of extra weeks), but I decided that there was enough rehashing already on the internet. As I wasn’t nearly as traumatically affected by that day, I thought it best to write about what my passport and I had seen together.

Ten years and four months ago, I had left my first passport in my jeans and put it through the wash. The front cover separated from the picture page, and amazingly I managed to fly internationally four more times on it with only some stern looks from ticketing agents. Then 9/11 happened, and I decided it high time to renew my passport at the US embassy.

So. Ten years ago…

… I was living, however temporarily, in London, England.

… I lived off of restaurant food and could make a mean risotto. I was only just a year or so into my soon-to-be-obsession with cooking.

… chicken stock was an exotic preparation.

… I collected comic books. Every Wednesday, when the new books came in, my comic store would pull my subscription aside, and I would buy the stack and have a binge reading night at a coffee shop. Most times, I’d forget to eat dinner.

… I discovered Japanese cuisine meant more than sushi, and that ramen doesn’t have to be cheap from a packet.

… I sang (however awkwardly) with a semi-professional a cappella troupe.

… I had never been to SXSW. Hadn’t really heard of it, actually.

… had really no damn clue how to dress myself. I was aiming for the thickest goatee I could grow, let my hair grow as long as it would (almost to my shoulder!), and – being in London and all – wore a black trench coat that made me look as if Crosby, Stills, or Nash had joined the X-files.

Since then…

… I’ve learned to cook more. Competently, if not always well. My challenge now is finding enough time and willing subjects to really practice what’s rattling around in my head.

… I moved back to Houston.

… I got married.

… I discovered, to my surprise, that I’m more of a cat person than a dog person.

… I don’t collect comics anymore, although I do miss it and try to keep up from afar.

… I became a homeowner.

… twice. (Temporarily, we hope.)

… I’ve managed to help shepherd a kid through middle school, high school, and into college. I’ll take a victory lap wherever I can.

… I still work for the same company.

… I’ve seen friends come and go. Thankfully, more came than went, and those that went really didn’t leave, they just went somewhere else for now.

… I don’t introduce myself by my website anymore (“Don’t worry. You’ve never heard of it.”) but instead by my twitter name.

… I’ve stopped blogging twice officially (three times, if you count this hiatus – so much to say, so little time to organize it into linear thought).

… and I’ve eaten well.