Winter is coming…

Three things came together in the making of tonight’s dinner: I spotted Rancho Gordo Flageolet beans at Revival Market the other day while getting food ready for Thanksgiving, so I bought a pound; I had a leftover turkey leg (drumstick + thigh) from Thanksgiving – browned, then braised, then roasted and fall-off-the-bone delicious – that […]

Subscribing to the Chronicle – Visual Edition

I’m surprised and thrilled at the response I’ve gotten to my last post about why I feel it’s important to support your local newspaper (for me, the Houston Chronicle). Because I’m also getting to know Haiku Deck on the iPad more, I’ve recast the last post as a presentation below. Enjoy. [EDIT: Like I said, […]

I subscribed to the Houston Chronicle today. Here’s why.

So, I now subscribe to the Houston Chronicle. All-digital edition – saving a few trees, but as I thought about it today, it was important to me that I do, and important I explain why. First, I believe there is still a strong need for accountable, responsible, ethical journalism. People who break the news fast, […]

Cook’s Notes – Schmaltz

Read the original post here. Rendering animal fats is a powerful technique to know. Olive oil and butter are still my most common fats for cooking, but having some rendered bacon or chicken schmaltz are so useful to alter or boost the flavor of a dish. Like Christine said in the post, this is wet […]