Poetry Breakfast on hiatus

The Poetry Breakfast is on hiatus until the end of the month. Combination of coming down with a cold and family needs mean I’m “breaking the chain”, if you follow Jerry Seinfeld. Normal butchery of literature will recommence at the start of October.

Poetry Breakfast #25 – The Pig

[Laid up with a cold at the moment, so forgive me for “phoning it in” a bit. Still, this one tickled me.] The Pig Roald Dahl doesn’t deserve this In England once there lived a big And wonderfully clever pig. So we ate it. The Pig Roald Dahl In England once there lived a big […]

Poetry Breakfast #24 – The Swing

The SoufflĂ© (Never in his wildest horrors conceived of by Robert Louis Stevenson) How do you like to rise up, my soufflĂ© , Up in the air so tall? Oh, I do think it the tastiest thing Can be done with an egg, y’all! Up in the air, rise along the side, Till the cap […]